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From a missionary who has worked in the country:
"THIS IS A CRUCIAL MOMENT IN UKRAINE. The SITUATION IS TENSE in Kiev, the capital, and throughout the country as the run off for President of Ukraine is about to begin. In mere hours (10 PM PST) the polls will open for people to decide between Pro-Western Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko and Pro-Moscow opposition leader Viktor Yanukovich.

Ukraine has been the freest nation in the former Soviet Union and one of the freest in Europe. There is freedom of religion as in no other nation in the region. Ukrainian missionaries have been the pioneers of many, if not most churches in Russia (even during the Soviet Union). Without getting into the important geopolitical position of Ukraine, this nation is very very important in many ways in the region.

The pastors and churches in Ukraine are fasting and praying for these elections and they ask the Body of Christ to do the same. The Prime Minister has had good relations with the Christian Churches and has Pastors as advisers, whereas the opposition leader has promised the Russian Orthodox Church that he would curb the growth of protestant movements and rein in their current liberties, bringing in similar restrictions to those that currently exist in Russia.

We had a dynamic start to the Bible Training school in the Ukraine (80 Students). Ukraine. Please pray for the students and teachers. Shortly 2 schools will start in Siberia, Russia. Last year over 200 new churches were started as a result of these training programs. "


Noel Brooks: A Life Shining and Burning, 1914-2006



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