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Tomorrow is Mother's Day in the U.S. Mother's will be recognized in churches and homes across the country. Women without children will feel left out. Women whose children have died will feel sadness. Children of bad mothers will feel angry. Mothers of thoughtless children will grieve.  Some will say it is a meaningless day that served to offer a token to women who were note recognized as full participant's in their lives, choices, marriages, or opportunities.  Patriarchy wrapped up in roses and warm feelings.
Mother's make a difference.  Mother's, however, are more than a biological role.  The Bible illustrated that in the book of Judges where the prophet, judge, warrior, and poet Deborah said: "There were few people left in the villages of Israel--until Deborah arose as a mother for Israel."  The term in Judges 5:7 seems to reflect not her biological role (there are no mentions of her children so she may have been childless) but a more significant role as one who cares, protects, and guides.
There is a need for women to 'arise' like the Prophet and Judge Deborah as a "Mother of Israel". A role of authority, moral righteousness, civic engagement, courageous action, and enduring stamina. Sex trafficking, child abuse, domestic abuse, crumbling cities, destroyed families, disastrous laws, and ruthless greed.  Where are the "Mothers" who will arise?
Who will arise to care for those who have no one to care? Who will arise as one who protects the defenseless?  Who will arise as one to offer the light, wisdom and guidance needed?
"Arise!" It is time for women to stand on their feet and step in to the role of a "Mother of Israel". It is a role of authority and great responsibility.
Are we, fellow women, up to it?


Noel Brooks: A Life Shining and Burning, 1914-2006



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