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Almost everyone has seen the Duggars on cable tv - all twenty of them. It has been assumed that they are members of a movement of Christian patriarchy called "Quiverfull". This movement places emphasis on having as many children as possible - thereby defining a quiverfull - as a very, very large family. Is this Biblical? Is it sensible?
No where in scripture does the Bible identify a large family as perferred, despite the wording of the scripture cited on their website. The Bible is filled with instances of people who did not have large families, but were very clearly blessed. What of people unable to have children - is God's blessing withheld? Or, should they, as was the answer in several Old Testament scenerios, simply find a secondary wife to birth more children?
One person's 'full quiver' may be the two or three children God blesses them with in their marriage. In the normal course of life up til this century, infant mortality was high (as it still is in small or third world nations). In the 19th century, many families had 10-12 children but only 5-7 of them might actually live to adulthood.
Perhaps less emphasis should be placed on the Old Testament and more on the New Testament - where there was concern about the total community and on growing the family of the saints instead of super-sized family groups.
Is it selfish to bring more children into the world - when all around are children abandoned and alone longing for someone to bring them love and hope?


'JUNIPER TREE' EVENT: A Time of Refreshing for Ministers


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Come to a renewing time as the first "JUNIPER TREE" event is hosted at the
First United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City. Come enjoy an evening of non-denominational worship, fellowship, and praise designed to restore some joy to your faith life! Any Christian minister is welcome to attend.

Great uplifting contemporary music....
with a common bond of faith in Jesus Christ.

Come - instead of ministering to others - be ministered to.......Date: Thursday, May 14, 2009

Location: Hosted at First United Methodist Church, OKC
131 N.W. 4th Street, OKC, 73102
Time: 7 p.m.

Need information?
Contact : Marvin Hudson at 405-275-1556Email:



In ancient Greek mythology there was a prophet, Cassandra, doomed to have a true prophecy that would never be understood, accepted, or believed. Since mythology is often created from the things commonly understood to be truth or the understanding of their time and place, what can we learn about human nature and the process of prophecy for today?

The Bible clearly teaches that a prophet is proven true if what they prophesy comes to pass. Simple enough, you say, but is that always as simple a thing as is supposed?

What the lesson of Cassandra reveals is that there has to be a people who , in the words of Jesus, "have eyes to see" or "ears to hear". There has to be a people astute and spiritually in tune to recognize and understand the witness of the prophetic truth for the prophet to be verified.

Is it possible for a prophecy to speak the truth as impressed by the spirit of God and those hearing it not understand, accept, or believe? Can it be ....the promise is lost...because those hearing did not 'hear'?
According to Jesus, yes! Their ears are closed, their discernment nil, and their hearts hardened to the spiritual world.
(To learn more : the story of Cassandra).



At a recent event attended by church people the words of Jesus came to me....those who would be first shall be last....and also some words from Paul's letter to the Corinthians.
I saw these people hurry to line up, grab seats and claim priviledge. Meanwhile, guests were made to wait as seats were found and while some stood because they had waited to see others served first - only one person offered one of those their seat. One group- church leaders all-raced to the table with a "1" on it , even though the seating was "open".
Issues of good manners aside, this reflects a more disturbing problem among people who confess Jesus as Lord. Jesus who made himself servant and sacrifice for all....who said if they take your coat give them your jacket too.
Something to think about when out and about, even among other Christians. What is my behavior saying to others? Do I reflect Christ's last in line leadership or am I racing to make sure others know how important I am?


Noel Brooks: A Life Shining and Burning, 1914-2006



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