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What Is Meant By...

--2 Chronicles 34.22f

Apostle:  From scripture it is clear that the meaning of the term was used variously as :
  • one sent out on a mission
  • a messenger
  • someone on a mission
  • a leader
  • a witness to events who could speak authoritatively
  • church planter
  • administrator
Evangelist: One who goes out to share the Gospel, especially into areas where they have not heard the Gospel. The purpose of the evangelist is to inform people of the redemption made possible through Jesus Christ. In modern times it has come to mean also those who call believers to renewal or restoration.

Pastor: Basically a shepherd who tends the flock of the believers, just as a shepherd tends a flock of sheep to protect, guide, and lead them to the places they must go as they make their journey of life. Psalm 21 and various NT texts paint a picture of the Pastor as the one who journeys with the people, the one who helps the people to carry out the godly instructions of the Evangelists, Apostles, or Prophets (thus often assuming the role of Teacher themselves), or the Teachers in their midsts.

Prophet: From scripture the role of the prophet can be found to contain one or more of the following:
  • Seer (of future events)
  • Visionary (one who sees the possibilities)
  • Communication Link between Heaven and Earth
  • "one who is called"
  • Moral & ethical innovators or motivators
  • Inspired, blessed, anointed, impressed
Gifts: According to the text God gave to the Church 5 roles (some count only 4). This gifting is called the 'five-fold-ministry'. In recent decades it has been actively resurrected by various denominations but mostly by independent ministers within the "Apostolic Renewal Movement."
What is meant by the terms: Prophet, Apostle, Teacher, Pastor, and Evangelist?


"Mother of Israel" - a leader of note
"Wise Woman" - A woman in a community. or a collection of such women, who may have provided guidance, instruction, and advice in many subjects
"Prophet" or the archaic "Prophetess" - One who served in the capacity of prophet
"Skilled Women" or "Wisehearted Women" - the women who had skills and crafts knowledge in weaving and other important subjects
"Women Who Served at the Tent" - Most likely a corps of women who had a religious-communal role.  They might even have been an honor guard of warrior women.

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