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Women in Ministry

The Church still struggles with this issue of women in positions of leadership.
God, meanwhile, continues to cheerfully ignore them and call women into active and vital expressions of ministry. People who have come to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior have become "new creations" and are "in Christ"...there is no longer the social, racial, or gender barriers that had once been the normal way of operating. Women throughout history have lead the way, taught, preached, prayed, served, and even died for their faith.
What are the benefits of accepting women as equal partners in the work of the Kingdom? They are seen as whole persons, gifted individuals, and intelligent creations of God. Not accepting women as equal partners in the work of the Gospel results in male hubris, denigration of woman as a creature of value and uniqueness that contributes to the Kingdom, domination, and in extreme cases, even abuse.
So remember that with God there are no limitations - so why would he limit the creation he made and gifted and inspired in the first place?

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