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Needful for the Ages

Some people question why there is a need to address these subjects. Haven't these things all been settled? Aren't women a recognized and active part of the church? Aren't men less controlling or power focused? Hasn't the church grown to recognize the width of the people and their potential?

Here is an example of just why these issues do not disappear and the need to address them continues:

"Yet, he had this to say in a 'discussion' about weather a woman needed 'spiritual covering' to operate as a minister or leader:

A woman is not to be no "spiritual covering " over a man. A man is not to be submiting to a womans leadership,thats backwards!A pastor,bishop or apostles are only men as they are only men in the scriptures. A man is not to be submiting to a womans leadership,thats out pf order and straight anti-christ. All the men of the lord treated women the way they should be treated. And when christ chose his 12 they were all men,because christ knew the order.

1Tim 3:1 does say in the original language "if a man desires the office because when you keep reading down at the rest of the qualifications it says in verse 2 that he must be the HUSBAND of one wife,a woman cannot be a husband! And in verse 4 is says One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity....THE WOMAN IS NOT TO BE RULING THE HOUSE SO THATS HOW YOU DEFINETLY KNOW ITS TALKING ABOUT A MAN.THE MAN IS THE RULER OF TTHE HOUSE!

Phoebe was not a church leader,paul said she is our sister.
And junia is not a woman,he is a man,paul said junia is his KINSMIN,thats a male relative,and he was not a church leader,he was of note among the apostles but he was not one.

He gave them dominion,but adam was still eve's head,she was taken out of him and she was his helpmeet. Nobody is excluding women,but the role of leadership is the mans job,the women can teach other women and children but not men!

Nowher in the bible did women serve as pastors,bishops,missionaries and church leaders because thats out of order and against his word and any church that is doing it or has done it was and is in error!

im not wrong,the scriptures say what they say,you just cant handle it. Diakonan does not mean leader,thats a LIE. And minister just means to help.

The name junia is a masculine name and paul makes it clear this was his KINSMAN!Thats a male relative!A kinsman and kinswoman is two different things,junia is puls kinsman,not kinswoman!Junia is a man!

I never said eve was inferior but adam was still her head from the begining.And he made adam first showing his divine order,and help meet H5828 is only used twice in genesis,it is not in psalms.

Miriam, Deborah, Huldah, Anna,Dorcas, Lydia, Phoebe were not no leaders!

Nowher in the bible does it say that!!And mary magsdelene was NOT no apostle!

Stop lying on Gods word!She was not sent on no special mission,all she did was tell the diciples that he is risen and to meet him in galilee!

THAT IS NOT PREACHING!And mary did not even go with the diciples.Why?Because thats when christ said to go teach all nations and that is not a womans job!

Nowher does it say mary was an apostle so stop lying on Gods word!And prophecy does not mean preaching or teaching!Those are seperate things!So stop lying on Gods word!"

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