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Not Feminism - Biblical Inclusion

For many people the term "feminism" carries with many negatives and even attempts to limit that to a "biblical feminism" have spawned their own problems. The term is too political for many, and too limiting for others. Even the more precise term "Biblical egalitarianism" finds itself in the same place - balanced between a rock and a hard palce. I much prefer the term "Biblical inclusion". I define it as "an awareness that God created all humans in the divine image; made them part of the divine plan; and includes them in the redemptive and missional process; God also includes them in the gifting process for the benefit of the total Body of Christ."
Biblical Inclusion is an awareness that mistakes in the translation of the Bible have often reflected male biases and current contemporary prejudices. For example, many times the Greek term meaning 'people' has been translated to read 'men' or 'man' to the exclusion of the intended mixed gender audience. So, for example, when 1 Timothy 3:1 is translated to say " Any man who desires the office of bishop..." it is incorrect and should read, "Anyone who desires the office of bishop..." Early church records from historic studies indicate that there were indeed women bishops and deacons in the church.

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