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"Renaisance Fire Alliance"

RFA is a program that encourages local churches, groups, and agencies to promote the reintroduction of the arts into the worship experience. For too long the church has abandoned the creative arts to the world....forgetting that God was the first to model that diversity, artistry, and beauty were key elements in life.

Through dance, music, painting, storytelling, poetry, writing, and sculpture God's love can be communicated, people can be drawn to consider their spiritual life, and be inspired to go on seeking God.

The Christian world has too long ignored the creative sparks God has placed in out midsts and we have too long said "such and such is worldly".... and the church has often become stale, staid, boring, ugly, and plain. The God who created the diversity of the natural world surely had better hopes for how our worship experiences should be.

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Noel Brooks: A Life Shining and Burning, 1914-2006



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Huldah's Gate Badge - Men and Women Before God
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If you would like more information on implementing a Daughters of Huldah or a Sisters of Huldah group in your church or community, or in starting a RFA chapter please contact:

Marilyn A. Hudson
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