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Mary and the Tomb

As another Dan Brown book is being turned into a move, many people are once again looking at the storyline of the DaVinci Code and its theme of Jesus and Mary Magdalene being married.

A work of fiction is a work of fiction. This is something we should never forget. It says something about the nature of the people who look at the story and assume so much that is simply not in the Biblical account. Even the extra-Biblical accounts are not clear that there was anything beyond a simple teacher-discipline relationship.

Mary was not a prostitute - that was the later addition of an an early church Pope. She had demons and that may have included some sexual misconduct...but it is never expressed. The label comes from presuppositions about the town where she lived (a sort of Vegas of Galilee well known for its women of relative virtue) and the presuppositions based on the value of women in general.

Consider these things: no age is given, no direct implication of sexual misconduct is inferred, and she is recognized as one of the most steadfast and loyal of the disciples.

It may be she was an older woman - more of aunt figure - because no one seemed to be concerned that she and the other women were following. This seems to infer that they may have been in a stage of life where they had some autonomy: wife, widow, or older woman.

What is known is that the first post-resurrection Apostle - one sent with a message -was this Mary.
All else is conjecture. She chose to serve the Risen savior....and her decision challenges each of us to do the same.

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