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At a recent event attended by church people the words of Jesus came to me....those who would be first shall be last....and also some words from Paul's letter to the Corinthians.
I saw these people hurry to line up, grab seats and claim priviledge. Meanwhile, guests were made to wait as seats were found and while some stood because they had waited to see others served first - only one person offered one of those their seat. One group- church leaders all-raced to the table with a "1" on it , even though the seating was "open".
Issues of good manners aside, this reflects a more disturbing problem among people who confess Jesus as Lord. Jesus who made himself servant and sacrifice for all....who said if they take your coat give them your jacket too.
Something to think about when out and about, even among other Christians. What is my behavior saying to others? Do I reflect Christ's last in line leadership or am I racing to make sure others know how important I am?

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