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Are We Workers in the Light?

In a recent conversation it became apparent that many people are basically very confused about what their presence in the world as Christians truly means. Over the last few years I have observed a disturbing increase in the number of dysfunctional churches, fallen leaders, and psychotic attacks on the church and her people. Once, the idea that someone would walk into a church and kill pastors or people would have been unthinkable. Yet, it has happened far too many times in just the last two years.

The world is an influence like dirty water....tip a paper cloth into the water and it is quickly contaminated. It is our life with Christ that prevents that total absorption into the values and motives of 'the world'. That contamination of all that is opposed to the message of the Gospel of love, hope, salvation, redemption, forgiveness, and new life.

For the spiritually minded, there is a new sense of something in the air. Too much is changing, realignments are taking place, things are moving into a predestined place to fulfil the will of God...all of these is sensed at a deep spiritual level.

Positive thought, global consciousness, and paranormal thought are replacing what was once a common belief system. One popular book asks the question in the title. All that is good is positive, affirming, and light washed and all that is evil is negative, negating, and hidden in ebony shadows where they cannot be easily seen. This simplistic duality calls to mind that in the New Testament the Church is warned of those who would masquerade as light beings and confuse people as to who was really "good."

When "Christians" can hate one another, cause others intentional harm, and make themselves the god of their life, is it any wonder that workers of evil might be confused with good?

As Jesus taught, what we do is as much a gauge as who we say we are. Our 'fruit" is proof of our light because to know right and to not do it is human. To know right and to do it despite ridicule, danger, or discomfort - that is what it means to be a Christian.

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