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Christians often like the imagery of the 'eagle' found in scripture.  The concept of the bird flying high above the earthly concerns, its innate nobility and pride in the cock of its head, wheeling among the lofty spires, is attractive. For some, it is reflective of a desire to find retreat, to rise above the problems, trials, and burdens of normal life.  Is this the image of the eagle?

The eagle is a bird of prey. A hunter.  They soar among the heights but they also dive down to snatch their meal.

"Eagles soar through skies of blue and gray.
They tip their wings and then quickly fly away.
They are freedom and grace -
and something hard to name.
Yet,the eagle is a hunter.
It soars to seek its prey;
Soaring through the skies all day.
Food, a meal, a dainty morsel; are only moments away."

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