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New Year, New Life

Through out the Bible the passage of time is always marked by festivals, rituals, celebrations, and times of sacred fellowship. The underlying cycle is one that is seen throughout God's creation. We are born, we live, we reproduce, and we die :plant, animal or man it is all the same.

This cycle throbs with purpose, with forward movement, and with change and new life. 

Change is the constant companion of growth and it is our ability to accept and enjoy each new phase of life that brings personal satisfaction. 

Change is an opportunity to make course corrections, expand knowledge and gain useful experience.

Yes, each year we add a year.  Look at a tree silently adding rings, branches, stretching toward the sun and deep inside all the secrets of the universe, the events of the passing years, and the flexibility that insured survival, all wait to be learned in their own time.

It is New Year...a new life awaits for those with the courage to begin anew.

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