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"Don't Mess with Mama's Baby" by Quintella Davenport

Are we ready to respond when something happens to alter our steps?  Here’s an event that may make you ponder the appropriate approach that should have been taken. 

Once upon a July 4th a lady and her two daughters, being 19 and 17, went to South Plains Mall; however, not any of the three wanted to go because of the crowd they knew would be in the mall.  There was a reason, which was to see if something they needed was available so they made a quick trip to one store and started back out of the mall.
The 19 year-old said, “Oh, let’s get a “Frulati” just as they were passing the booth and so she and mother turned and entered the booth.  The crowd was enormous and mother turned to look for the younger daughter and saw three tall men right behind her and one of the men grabbed her buttocks and squeezed as mom watched.   The younger daughter’s eyes were very large and her mouth fell open as the hand grabbed her.  A normally shy mom reached for the 19-year-old (who had no idea of what just happened) and said, “Come on we are going after these guys”. 
The men were all tall, definitely in their twenties, wearing cowboy hats and boots, which made them easy to follow in the crowded area.  As fate would have it, one of them needed to stop at the restroom outside the Sears store.  Therefore, the group of three was easily caught up to by Mama and her two daughters.  The man that had grabbed the younger daughter’s buttocks was standing there outside Sears waiting for his friend.  Mom said, “Sir?” and he responded, “Yes ma’am?”  Mom was quick to tell him she saw him grad her daughter’s rear end. He quickly started the denial process by saying, “I did not,” very vehemently.  Mom responded, “Maybe you did not hear me, I said I saw you grab my daughters rear end.” Again the man denied it to the point of getting loud and bowing up to Mom as if he was going to hit her.
By this time a crowd had formed watching the action.  There were people sitting on the benches outside of Sears looking on and wondering what was going to happen.  Well, Mom had no intention of giving in because this man had touched her baby inappropriately.  The man said in a hostile manner, “I’m married and I wouldn’t do that.”  The normally shy mother spoke up with, “You’re not helping yourself with me at all.”  The man once again bowed up as if he were going to hurt Mom and the younger daughter stepped up to say, “Sir, my mom has a power that you don’t know anything about so don’t mess with her.”  He mockingly jumped back and replied, “I’m scared.”  Then the man looked at Mom and said, “Well, if I did do this, what are you going to do about it?”  The crowd had increased to see the drama taking place.  Mom said, “Have you ever heard of the law?” 
Precisely, as Mom was asking if he had heard of the law, a plain clothed policeman stood up from the bench exactly beside where this fiasco was happening, and responded with, “Ma’am, I am the law, may I help you” as he was displaying his badge. 
The police handcuffed all three men and shared with us that this grabbing of girls’ buttocks had been happening all over the mall that day and thanked us for helping them catch the men responsible.  The police allowed the mom and daughters to get out of the mall and to their car while they held the men.  Considering this information, could the mother and daughters have been there for a reason?  Ummm…
Realizing this may sound like a part in a movie, this event is true; therefore, did the Mom handle this event appropriately?  Ummm…

 Our guest columnist is a freelance writer from Texas, Quintella Loudon Davenport.

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