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The Prophetess Points A Finger

Scanning webpages I happened upon a truly disgusting website designed to manipulate, destroy, objectify, and nullify women. Pornography, you might ask. No, it was a website ranting on about how women who preach are EVIL. This one site even stressed that "yes, God loves you women - but with reservations"!
Page after page of angry, bitter, vindictive, and caustic statements, laced together (poorly) with Biblical texts, Rabbinic writings, and country sayings. It was strange that as he talked about the literal Bible....he felt free to add to the text amplifications that are not in the original and the Bible is clear about the consequences of adding or subtracting from the text..... That was obviously the lesser of two evils for this person.

This anonymous website is located at
WARNING: remove all breakable objects while reading it.

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