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Everyone knows about vampires. For a mythical creature the concept is pretty commonplace: Count Chocula cereal and a Counting Vampire on children's television. The legend is a part of common culture via movies, songs, and books. The classic European legend of the vampire is one that says this monster sleeps by day, hunts by night, and lives off the blood of others. They can mingle un-noticed among people. They hate crosses, garlic, and can be killed by a stake through the heart by a fearless vampire hunter.
There are, however, other vampires that walk the world, monsters who enjoy destroying with as much glee as their mythical counterpart. Unfortunately, these monsters are all too human.There is the vampire who lives to drain others of the joy of their life, sapping the energy, and plunging people into a reflection of their own miserable lives. They can sap the life out a room in mere minutes. The glass is always half empty. Things are always miserable. They carry with them a cloud of corporate guilt, shame, blame, and fault-finding.There is, however, an answer to this monster. As things that destroy they are a reflection of a serious spiritual condition or problem.
Spiritual monsters require spiritual weapons.Just as mythical vampires require a stake in the heart - the real vampires also require a stake to enter their life. This stake is the cross of Jesus Christ. It is powerful beyond measure. Mythical vampires can be killed by decapitation with a sword and real vampires can also be bested by a full knowledge of the use of the Sword of the Word (the Bible). It contains the secrets for besting these monsters and is sharper than any metal sword with two razor sharp edges!
Author G. K. Chesterton wrote "Fairy tales do not tell children the dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed." Watch out for vampires, YES" ......but be a vampire killer (in a manner of speaking) instead of a vampire victim. As for me....I am loading up on crosses, holy water, and the Sword of the Word...just in case.

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