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What the O.T. Laws Said About "Prophets"

Deut. 18: 18-22

  • God will raise up prophets "from among " the people.
  • God will put the words in their mouth;
  • The Prophet will then speak all of the words God gives.
  • God requires the person listening to take heed to the words - because they will be held responsible.
  • Prophets can "presume" to speak words they think are from God but are really their own ; Prophets can speak in the name of other Gods:
  • The result will be the same - they shall die.
  • The standard to measure a prophet is simple: If they speak in the name of the Lord and the thing doe not comes to not fear that prophet as a communicator of God's word. They speak presumptuously or in error or in a worst case, falsely on behalf of other Gods.

Later, this will lead to what Bible scholars call "prophetic speech", a manner of speech that is adopted to demonstrate their authority and position as a prophet of God. As one reads the prophets over and over again the preface will be "Thus saith the Lord". This is the "prophets formula."

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