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Ages and Stages

Some aging babyboomers are reluctant to accept they are getting older.  The generation that embraced the might and power of all things youthful is now faced with crow's feet in the mirror.  In a life predicated on youth, vigor, sexuality, and me-centric living there are now heel marks where they are fighting against the approach of their own mortality.

This is especially hard on women because in the youth-centric world this generation created there is no room for the grandmother, the older woman, or, eventually the wise woman.  Centuries past, in a world long ago, there was an understanding that women were like the seasons and each one brought its own special joys, challenges, and honors.  The youth was lithe, innocent, joyous, and filled with growth.  The middle ages were strong, sexual, capable, and fecund.    The latter ages were wise, intelligent, loving, and powerful because of their years.

Woman has often been depicted in these three stages. She has been child, wife, crone..  She has been Spring, Summer, Fall,   She has been youth, mother, hag.   Different times and different labels.

It is probably time to re-discover the lost sense of stages over the lost self in ages.  We were once young, we were once middle aged, and now we approach the threshold of the wise woman years.  Can we live up to it?

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